A recent research about Covid-19 has discovered that it can cause sexual dysfunction in men who are suffering from corona virus. For men, who are having the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED), tadalafil 20 mg tablet can be helpful in treating this condition.

Tadalafil 20 mg tablet

In another study, Covid-19 was found to be increasing the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, about six times more than normal people. Covid can be directly as well as indirectly linked to cause mental health problems in people.

These mental health disorders then have a psychological effect on brain and body. The negative effects on behavior can cause sexual dysfunction in men.

Connection between COVID-19 and ED:

If you have been diagnosed with corona virus and are also struggling with erectile dysfunction, there can be certain ways that covid can impact your arousal desire.

Some of the ways can be:

  1. Damaged blood vessels in Penis:

Infections caused due to corona virus, can lead you to having damaged blood vessels across the body. If due to damaged blood vessels, you face difficulty in sexual arousal, use sildenafil tadalafil tablets to improve blood supply to specific organs.

Damaged Blood Vessels

You may not know it, but there are tiny blood vessels present all over the body including penis. They are responsible for supplying blood to the all organs of body, and also help in having erections.

In some males, Covid-19 causes the infections in the body, which lead to the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. These clots block the vessels, making it difficult to supply blood to certain organs.

  1. Damaged Mental health:

There is no doubt in the fact that corona pandemic has put our mental health at a great risk. Restrictions due to pandemic have caused stress and depression. These are the two main factors which significantly affect our sexual behavior.

Men who are having problems of erectile dysfunction due to the stress caused by pandemic, can take generic tadalafil tablets to reduce stress level and have healthy erections. It should be duly noted that, to have good sexual function, you have to get strong in the head.

  1. Damaged physical health:

It is obvious that when you are experiencing bad health, you also face problems with erectile function. Imagine when you are suffering from severe symptoms of Covid-19, having high fever and facing difficulty in breathing.

In such scenario, how do you expect your sexual behavior to work normally? In addition to put harmful effects to your health, Covid-19 also worsens the already present health problems. For example, if you have underlying heart diseases, infections caused due to corona can further increase the risk to your cardiovascular system.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction:

The best way to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction is by medications. Using medications, like generic tadalafil 20mg, can improve the blood circulation to penis and help to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

If you are facing ED problem due to the side-effects of Covid-19, you should first try to cure the corona infection. Erection problem may be caused due to physical effects of Covid, or it can also be because of psychological effects.

By treating the Covid problem first, it will be easy for you and your therapist to think about the exact reason which was causing this disorder. If the problem was due to psychological reasons, you can consider taking help from a psychiatrist. He/she will recommend you talk therapy to cure this disorder.

However, if you were having erection problems as a result of physical side-effects of Covid-19, you can treat this by buying tadalafil online no prescription from an online drug store.

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