Obesity can simply be defined as the abnormal accumulation of excessive fat in the body that leads to the different serious health problems. In other words, it is a condition which occurs due to the unhealthy and untimely dieting routine of the individuals. Obesity is measured by the body mass index (BMI) of individual.

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There are certain genetic conditions that lead to the buildup of this disorder, including genetics and poor diets can result in obesity. This symptom of this disorder can simply be minimized with the help of medications for obesity, such as Phentermine 37.5mg, Phentermine 37.5mg (Loose Packing), Sibutramine 15mg and Sibutramine 10mg. All the customers can easily purchase these medications from Pharmacy Meds Online.

Chief Causes of Obesity:

The chief causes of Obesity are as under:

  1. Diet:

Diet constitutes as the most important factor that lead to the buildup of this disorder in individuals. A high-calories, fat-rich and protein-rich diet can become a serious contributing factor for the accumulation of fat deposits in the body. The regular food consumption of sugar-rich food, drinks and fast food items can expedite the weight gain process of individual.

  1. Genetic or Hereditary:

The findings of the recent study have revealed the correlation of hereditary and genetics factor to obesity. It means that obesity transfers from parents and if an individual possesses genes significantly increases the chances of buildup of this disorder.

  1. Physical Lifestyle:

Lack of proper physical activity can also lead to the buildup of fat in the body. It can almost be difficult lead a healthy lifestyle without regular exercise and movement. When the body consumes more fat and calories, then it burns and ultimately the weight of individual increased. It is a fact that some of these calories with the help of daily physical activity, but a much larger portion of the fat accumulation required tough physical exercise.

  1. Medical Problems:

Obesity can also linked to several medical conditions, including Cushing’s Syndrome and Thyroid Function. Additionally, other medical conditions, such as arthritis, can also limit the physical activity and mobility of an individual that lead to the buildup of disorder.

  1. Metabolic Rate:

When the body is in a relaxed state, the internal organs of the body burn calories, as they require energy to perform several functions of the body. This phenomenon is known as the metabolic rate. This process lead to the calorie burn is fueled in large part by the muscle mass. However, if the individual grows older and their body muscle mass decreases, it results in weight gain. As soon as the fat replaces the muscles in the body, the body gains more weight.

  1. Psychological or Emotional Factors:

There are certain emotional or psychological factors that lead to the buildup of this disorder. There are certain psychological factors can lead to the buildup of depression that directly contribute to the overeating and lack of physical activity.

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